The Teaching Staff : Expert and Bilingual

Last update 19/01/2024

The Teaching Staff

Being anchored in bilingualism, our training centre has built its reputation on having a team of bilingual experts.

  • Each bilingual trainer has expertise in his or her field of teaching:
  • Educator of Young Children
  • Director of Nurseries
  • Early Years Childhood Nursing professionals
  • Experienced Mathematics Teacher
  • Certified French teachers specializing in the Teaching French as a Foreign Language method
  • First aid certified instructors
  • Business manager (management, legal, HR, job search)
Meet the Team

The Teaching Team and Tutors

The team and the educational advisors for the students are also bilingual in order to facilitate efficient exchanges between staff and students and to encourage student integration while optimizing their learning potential.

Their mission is also to provide administrative and social support to the students, who can be often lost in the maze of French administrative processes.