Short Courses

Last update 19/01/2024

Inter-Company Rates - PSC1

Price for the PSC1 (7 hours): 350 € HT – 420 € TTC

Intra-Company Rates

In-house training for your employees is customized according to your training needs. Contact us for a customized proposal:

Rates for Self-Funding

For anyone wishing to train without going through their company, please contact us for a personalized quote.

Our rates can be adjusted according to the number of participants.

Collective French Rates

  • Pre-registration fee (visa application): €95
  • Purchase of textbook (compulsory): approx. 35€.
  • 15 hours per week over 34 weeks: €1,500

To register

The training can be paid for by your employer, thanks to the training plan. Contact us for more information:

To register for a session, please specify whether it will be personal or company financing.