Equipment & technical platforms

Last update 26/05/2023

Educational Resources

Our training center is equipped with modern and interactive educational resources:

  • Class rooms equipped for interactive courses (video projectors etc.)
  • Fully equipped kitchens (ovens, hobs, work-tables, utensils)
  • Childcare equipment (teaching dolls, bathtubs, changing tables, etc.)
  • Computer room
  • Safe sharing of key documents on the extranet system
  • A user-friendly online learning platform is available to trainees and trainers with schedules, de-materialized course materials, evaluations, satisfaction questionnaires, virtual rooms and chat rooms.

Course Materials

The teaching team has access to shared databases of course materials:

  • Course books, mock exams, and Early Years Childhood support documentation
  • Database of over a thousand language courses (worksheets + quizzes + audio and video support)