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Our long courses :


Work & Study 

Get paid to work and study here in Paris by choosing our apprenticeship program.

With this option, your time will be divided between studying at our training centre, and working with one of our childcare partner institutions.

The cost of the training is paid for by the company or the company’s OPCO. It’s possible for all, or part of the employee’s salary to be covered during the time spent in training.


Remuneration during the apprenticeship will depend on several criteria:

  • Age
  • Type of employer (crèche, school or childcare agency)
  • Working hours

Remuneration ranges from 900€ (gross) per month, to 1767€. This will be determined by your employer.

Personal Financing

With this option, the educational cost of the training is covered by the learner (with the possibility of payment in several installments). Contact us for a quote.

Pôle Emploi Financing

Pôle Emploi funding is available for certain of our integration programs.

Your file will be reviewed by your Pôle Emploi advisor, who will determine if the educational costs will be covered and if a training allowance will be paid.

Only registered job seekers are eligible for this funding.

Our short courses :

French Classes

  • Pre-registration fee (visa application): 95€
  • Purchase of textbook (compulsory): approx. 35€.
  • 15 hours per week over 34 weeks: 1,794€

First Aid (PSC1 & SST)

  • Price for the PSC1 course (7 hours): 350 € HT – 420 € TTC
  • Price for the SST course (14 hours): 420 € HT – 504 € TTC

Formation MATU

  • 210€ TTC per participant for 14 hours
  • Certification MATU : 5 hours extra for preparation + jury exam (75€)

Intra-Company Rates

In-house training for your employees is customized according to your training needs. Contact us for a customized proposal: contact@parisict.com

If you are interested in further information on the pricing of any of our training programs, don’t hesitate to contact us via the below form, or by mail at contact@parisict.com